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tips and tricks for maintaining your home

How to get the most out of your home owning experience.
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Fall and Winter Seasons Maintenance Checklist:   

  Tip Benefit
1 Clean/replace furnace filters Saves energy, improves efficiency
2 Reverse fans – to blow to ceiling Reduces stratification by circulating warm air
3 Have HVAC serviced by professional Reduces chance of breakdown
4 Check expiration of fire extinguisher charge Important safety move
5 Inspect and clean range hood filter Reduce chance of vent fire
6 Check GFI outlets Reduce chance of shock
7 Close foundation vents Saves energy, increases comfort, reduces chance of pipe freezing
8 Remove and drain hoses from outdoor faucets Prevents freeze damage
9 Test smoke and CO detectors and replace batteries if needed. Safety and security
10 Check caulking inside and outside and recaulk as necessary Saves heat and reduces chance of water damage and insect incursion
11 Caulk cracks in foundation and driveway Reduces freeze damage
12 Check and adjust front and rear door sills Improves weather seal
13 Check garage hardware. Tighten, and lube tracks Reduces chance of failure
14 Clean leaves and debris off roof and gutters Reduces chance of moisture damage to trim
15 Make sure downspouts and splashblocks drain away from house Reduce chance of foundation damage
16 Check attic for roof leaks and repair Reduce chance of water damage to interior
17 Crawl space openings should be blocked Reduce critter damage and nesting chance
18 Drain sediment from hot water heater Improves efficiency and durability of tank
19 Have wood-burning fireplace chimney checked by qualified professional Reduces chance of chimney fires
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